Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment #2
Faculty Senate Minutes
February 4, 2003

To: Millersville University Faculty Senate
From: Joseph A. Sciarretta, Senator
Department of Developmental Studies
Date: Mpve,ber 5, 2002
Subj: Department of Developmental Studies Name Change

It is with much pride and thoughtful deliberation that the Department of Developmental Studies presents to the Faculty Senate its unanimous decision to change the Department name to:

The Department of Academic and Student Development.
The Department of Developmental Studies is comprised of a diverse compliment of programs including Academic Advisement, Act 101/PACE and the Undecided/Undeclared Program serving current MU students, as well as, Upward Bound which serves a pre-college population. Each program unit houses tenure track faculty positions and serves, in part, for collective bargaining purposes. However, each program mission has common elements, at the core of which is to support students in transition and in making key decisions about college access and progress toward successful matriculation and graduation at the post secondary level.

On other SSHE campuses similar program configurations run the continuum from a true department of Developmental Instruction(Bloomsburg) replete with full-time faculty specializing in developmental writing and math to larger all inclusive support systems under which student and/or academic services are provided to the university-at-large(Indiana.) The Department of Developmental Studies, with the exception of Academic Advisement, provides services primarily to specific populations that may or may not be developmental in nature. Consequently, the Department feels as though the current name is not fully reflective of our service.

All programs within the department are vested in providing holistic support services and knowledge in the cognitive, affective and behavioral domains as they relate specifically to student success. Our larger goal is one of helping students to understand the critical thinking process, method of inquiry and effective decision making that is necessary to the development of becoming a self-directed learner of the MU academic system and independent professional and productive citizen in a diverse and complex society.

Last, but not least, the name change to the Department of Academic and Student Development will send a clearer and more accurate message to the faculty and students who are interested in or have need for our services.

It is with these ideals and rationale that the Department of Developmental Studies request that the Faculty Senate endorse and support this timely name change request.

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