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Faculty Senate Minutes
March 18, 2003

DATE: December 11, 2002
TO: Dr. Robert Wismer, Chairperson
FROM: 120 Credit Committee
SUBJECT Implementation of the 120-Credit Requirement with Currently Enrolled Students

The 120 Credit Committee has conducted an analysis of the implications of providing an opportunity for current students to evaluate newly revised curricula in fulfillment of the System's 120-credit requirement and to determine whether they wish to remain in their current program or elect the new curriculum. The following recommendation for faculty consideration is proposed.


All students enrolled through Spring Semester 2003 with earned credits up to 90 will be permitted to elect whether to remain in their current curriculum or transfer to the new curriculum. Phasing in the elimination of the G4 elective will occur with, and only with, the election of the new curriculum.


Students, in consultation with their advisors, should be given maximum flexibility to choose their educational path at Millersville, so all currently-enrolled freshman, sophomore and junior students should be afforded the opportunity to select their curriculum of choice in the major.

Senior students, those with 90 or more credits, have progressed so far in their educational program that a change of curriculum should not be warranted. However, exception to graduation requirements should be used to facilitate the graduation of these students so they are not unduly disadvantaged. This can be implemented using existing procedures.

For students who choose to complete their current major requirements, the current general education requirements must also be met. This means the G4 elective will continue to be required, as is consistent with University policy that students complete the general education program under which they were enrolled. These students are not changing their enrollment status. For students who are changing their enrollment status to meet new major requirements, it is consistent to simultaneously change the general education requirements to reflect this change in program.


Students should be informed early in Spring Semester that this opportunity exists and that, once the new guidelines for majors are adopted, what-if audits will be developed to permit them to view the curricular implications for either retaining or changing their major curriculum. This change should be implemented prior to some date in the fall (a specific date to be determined) in preparation for Spring Registration. The Registrar and Academic Information Officer will be charged with the responsibility for developing the logistical operational plan for implementation.

NOTE: Regarding elimination of the G4 elective, faculty and students are reminded that the general education program requirements, in place at the time of a student's admission to the University, continue to be in effect for all students remaining in a current major. Only current students electing to transfer into a program with modified requirements, effective Fall 2003, or newly admitted students in Fall 2003 will have a 51 credit general education program.

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