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Attachment #2
Faculty Senate Minutes
October 7, 2003

TO: Faculty Senate
FROM: Rebecca J. Mowrey, Chair, Graduate Course and Program Review Committee
DATE: October 7, 2003
RE: Proposed changes to the Transfer of Credit Policy for Graduate Studies
(The proposed changes appear in bold type)

TRANSFER OF CREDIT POLICY--pg. 21 of the Graduate Studies Catalog 2003/04
Credits Prior to Admission at MU

Students must request approval from their department and the dean of graduate studies for the transfer of graduate credit completed at an accredited institution prior to admission here. Forms for the approval of transfer credits are available in the Office of Graduate Studies. The student must arrange for this office to receive official transcripts directly from the institution at which the graduate work was taken. Transfer credit may amount to a maximum of twelve credit hours from other accredited institutions, subject to completion of the residency requirement, and is subject to the time limit for the completion of all degree requirements. Except in the most extenuating circumstances, no transfer credit will be allowed for work completed more than five years prior to admission to Millersville University.

All work recommended by the department for transfer credit must be taken in a regular program of study offered by an accredited institution on its main campus, or at an established center. Grades of B or above (or documented equivalency) must be achieved in these courses. (Documented equivalency is confirmed with the originating institution by the graduate coordinator of the program of the degree-seeking graduate student). Requested transfer course grades must come from an accredited graduate program, some of which only give grades of P/F; these exceptions to the transfer of credit policy can only be requested in writing by the graduate coordinator of the student's program. Extension work and courses offered in a non-academic institutional setting are not considered appropriate for transfer.

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