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Faculty Senate Minutes
May 6, 2003


Millersville University Educator of the Year Award

The award to be given annually to four faculty members (one from each school and one non-school) in recognition of sustained outstanding teaching and mentoring of the undergraduate and graduate students at Millersville University. Award Details:

  1. Faculty members can receive this award no more frequently than once every ten years.
  2. There will be no monetary reward associated with this award.
  3. The award will consist of a plaque along with the faculty member's picture displayed in a common area, and a plaque given to the faculty member.
  4. The award will be presented annually at the May commencement ceremony (or during a separate ceremony with press coverage. The award can be publicized on television through programs such as Channel 8's Learning Matters.
  5. The recipient would be asked to share expertise and knowledge with other faculty members (e.g., maybe a special session at the Scholarship Social or a special session through the Center for Academic Excellence, participation at the New Faculty Orientation).
  6. A call for nominations would be sent to the university community through E-mail and campus mail. Departments will be involved in announcing the call for nominations to their students and faculty members.

Eligibility for the Award:

All full-time regular tenured faculties are eligible for this award.

Award Selection Committee:

The selection committee will consist of two to three alumni and two to three faculty emeriti. Either an alumni or a faculty emeritus will chair the committee. One of the award recipients will chair the committee the following year.

Selection Criteria:

The Award Selection Committee will make their selections based on the materials provided by the nominators (supporting letter), other materials provided by the nominees and their respective department chairs.


Any member of the university, including faculty, staff, administration, and students, may submit a nomination for this award. The nominations may also come from an individual School Council. The nominees have to be tenured faculty at the university. The nominations will be accepted at the beginning of the Fall semester. The deadline for nominations is November 1. All nominations must use the nominations form, and include a supporting letter from the nominator. The letters should specifically address the following:

  1. Does the individual involve students directly in the learning process?
  2. Does the individual synthesize complex concepts and bodies of knowledge into well-communicated material?
  3. Is the individual approachable to students through fostering an environment of personal and professional concern?
  4. Does the individual serve as a role model to both students and fellow faculty members at the departmental, and University levels and with the larger communities with which he/she comes into contact in scholarly, personal, and professional efforts?
  5. Is the individual committed to what is going on not only within his/her department, but also throughout the University, thereby helping students take advantage of all available opportunities for students?
  6. Nominees and their respective department chairs will be notified before the end of the fall semester (so as to allow the nominee ample time to provide supporting materials). The nominee and the respective department chair will be asked at this time to provide supporting materials. The supporting materials can include, but are not limited to, student evaluations, peer reviews of teaching, testimonials from current and former students, and any curricular materials developed by the nominee. The deadline for submission of the supporting materials will be February 20.

Committee's Recommendation:

The selection committee will forward their recommendations to the Faculty Senate by March 15.

Announcement of the Award

The award will be announced at the May commencement ceremony or a separate ceremony?

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