Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment #3
Faculty Senate Minutes
June 10, 2003

DATE: May 7, 2003
TO: Faculty Senate
FROM: Chemistry Department

The Chemistry Department unanimously approved and recommends the following resolution to the Faculty Senate:

WHEREAS Carolyn S. Yoder, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, has faithfully served the Chemistry Department. Millersville students, and the Millersville community for 16 years. and

WHEREAS she has contributed to the education of Lancaster General Nursing students by teaching the General, Organic and Biochemistry for 15 years. and

WHEREAS Carolyn S. Yoder while maintaining high standards effectively discharged her teaching duties in Introductory Chemistry for science majors and

WHEREAS Carolyn Yoder faithfully served the department for six years as coordinator of the chemistry co-operative education program. and

WHEREAS Carolyn S. Yoder conscientiously chaired the department evaluation committee for 5 years. and

WHEREAS Carolyn S. Yoder willingly served as the department representative to the Advisory Board for the OSHE major for 12 years. and

WHEREAS she distinguished herself as a scholar through her research and publications in the field of inorganic chemistry as recognized by her colleagues.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Carolyn S. Yoder be granted the honorary title of Assistant Professor of Chemistry Emeritus.

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