Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment #3
Faculty Senate Minutes
September 16, 2003

Date: September 11, 2003
To: Millersville University Faculty Senate
From: Department of Foreign Languages
Subject: Resolution for Emeritus status for Dr. Olga del C. Iglesias, Professor of Spanish

Whereas Dr Iglesias served the department of Foreign Languages and Millersville University for 36 years, from 1966 to 2002; and

Whereas Dr. Iglesias was very diligent in performing her classroom duties, advising students, and taking a genuine interest in them; and

Whereas Dr. Iglesias received the "Excellence in Teaching Award" from the Pennsylvania Department of Education in the year 1974; and

Whereas Dr. Iglesias designed and implemented an outreach program called "La Noche Espaqola" which used to bring hundreds of high school Spanish students to Millersville for an evening of Spanish music, drama and folklore; and

Whereas Dr. Iglesias was a poet often sharing her poetry, and discussing the nature of the creative process with her students; and

Whereas Dr. Iglesias served on the National Advisory Committee for the International Programs 1983-1986, and volunteered locally in many worthy actions and causes, and was an "engaged citizen" much before the civic engagement became a hot topic on university campuses;

Therefore be it resolved that Dr. Olga del C. Iglesias, upon the unanimous recommendation from the department of Foreign Languages, be granted the honorary title of Professor of Spanish Emeritus.

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