Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment #4
Faculty Senate Minutes
June 10, 2003

DATE: May 15, 2003
TO: Millersville University Faculty Senate
FROM: Department of Biology

WHEREAS Dr. James C. Parks served the Department of Biology and Millersville University since 1968 as a faculty member, a total of over 34 years; and

WHEREAS Professor Parks was a dedicated and accomplished teacher, who was able to convey the wonders of the natural world to his students, who shared his love of and enthusiasm for the smallest and largest of plants with all students, who willingly gave his time and expertise to those with a desire to know the names, lineages and lifestyles of plants, and who considered his students to be his legacy far more than his numerous research papers; and

WHEREAS Dr. Parks studied plant systematics with colleagues in North America and Europe, and presented his findings in numerous scientific papers, articles and chapters in books, and is considered to be an authority on systematics of ferns; and

WHEREAS Professor Parks planned and developed the Millersville University herbarium, a library of plants located in the Roddy Science Center that contains thousands of preserved plant specimens, many of which were collected by Dr. Parks, he served as curator during his tenure at Millersville; and

WHEREAS Dr. Parks provided expertise to local and state agencies, organizations and societies concerning the conservation of our natural heritage and contributed to the knowledge of Pennsylvania flora; and

WHEREAS Dr. Parks stood fast in the face of development in support of the natural heritage of Lancaster County; and

WHEREAS Professor Parks was a highly valued and esteemed colleague, willing to do demanding chores in the Biology Department, such as his long-time service as Coordinator of the Department Evaluation Committee; and

WHEREAS Dr. Parks made valuable contributions to deliberations on department and university issues, always punctuating these offerings with his razor-sharp wit, wry humor, deep feeling, his abiding sense of fairness, unwavering rational thought, pithy phrasing and above all gentle wisdom; and

WHEREAS Professor Parks enjoyed literature and was quick to provide a quote for any occasion; and

WHEREAS Jim was a devoted husband to Vicki, his wife of 38 years, and a dedicated father and grandfather: and

WHEREAS Dr. Parks was a good friend who will be greatly missed by all; and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the Department of Biology thanks Dr. James C. Parks for his contributions to the Department of Biology and Millersville University, and that Dr. James C. Parks be granted the honorary title of Professor of Biology Emeritus.

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