Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment #4
Faculty Senate Minutes
October 7, 2003

The History Department's Nomination of Dr. John B. Osborne to be Granted the Honorary Title of Professor of History Emeritus

Whereas John B. Osborne retired from Millersville University after thirty-three years of distinguished service, and

Whereas John B. Osborne was instrumental in the establishment of a University Honors Program, and

Whereas John B. Osborne served as Director of the University Honors Program for nineteen years, and

Whereas John B. Osborne was a stimulating classroom instructor who inspired the highest standards of intellectual curiosity and creative reasoning in his students, and

Whereas John B. Osborne effectively mentored students in pursuit of academic and professional achievement, and

Whereas John B. Osborne actively contributed to the scholarship of his chosen field, British Studies, through book reviews, journal articles, and scholarly presentations, and

Whereas John B. Osborne expanded the reputation of Millersville University's Honor Program by participating in regional and national conventions and convocations, and

Whereas John B. Osborne was a congenial colleague who made a sustaining contribution to departmental and university affairs, and

Whereas John B. Osborne consistently maintained the welfare of students as a prime responsibility of the faculty, and

Whereas John B. Osborne unfailing upheld the best features of intellectual inquiry and the professorate over three decades of university life, be it

Therefore be it resolved that John B. Osborne be granted the honorary title of Professor of History Emeritus.

Department of History, October 2003

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