Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment #1
Faculty Senate Minutes
March 2, 2004

To: Faculty Senate
From: Jim Fenwick, Mathematics Department
RE: Proposal to have altered schedules on days with one and two hour snow delays

Millersville University has the policy of canceling classes if the University opens one or more often two hours late, due to hazardous driving conditions during the early morning hours.

If a snow delay is announced, classes scheduled to begin before the designated time will be canceled.

This policy has a significant impact on the courses that are scheduled to meet at these times. Using an altered schedule on days with delayed starts would lesson the impact on these early morning classes and have only minor impact on courses scheduled later in the day. Below is a suggested altered schedule.

It should be noted that this policy does not attempt to provide a solution to the loss of class time due to weather related early dismissal or cancellation of an entire school day.

Altered Schedule for 1 and 2 hour delays
MWF Classes
Usual times 1 hour delay 2 hour delay
8:00-8:50 9:00-9:40 10:00-10:35
9:00-9:50 9:50-10:30 10:45-11:20
10:00-10:50 10:40-11:20 11:30-12:05
11:00-11:50 11:30-12:10 12:15-12:50
12:00-12:50 12:10-1:00 1:00-1:35
1:00-1:50 1:10-1:50 1:45-2:20
2:00-2:50 No change 2:30-3:05
3:00-3:50 No change 3:15-3:50
TTH Classes
Usual Times 1 hour delay 2 hour delay
8:00-9:15 9:00-10:10 10:00-11:00
9:30-10:45 10:20-11:30 11:10-12:10
11:00-12:15 11:40-12:50 12:20-1:20
1:00-2:15 No change 1:30-2:30
2:30-3:45 No change 2:40-3:45

Classes starting after 4:00 would have no change for 1 hour or 2 hour delay.

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