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Faculty Senate Minutes
April 6, 2004

To: Millersville University Faculty
From: Dr. Edward C. Shane
Inteim Provost
Date: April 5, 2004
Re: Winter Session 2005

Thank you to those of you who participated in this past Winter Session. Despite the challenges of a shortened schedule of classes, we were able to offer a successful Winter Session serving 571 enrollments with 35 offerings! Winter Session 2005 brings along an additional challenge of an even shorter session, causing us not only to review Winter Session 2004 but to think creatively about the upcoming Winter Session. The Winter Session Task Force reviewed difficulties that students and faculty faced this past session and also brainstormed innovative ways to continue and increase the course offerings in the winter.

The Winter Session Task Force has again recommended the following 6 options for scheduling courses in the Winter Session: Blended Classes, Online Classes, Evening & Weekend Classes, Immersion Classes, Internships/Co-Ops, and Face-to-Face On-Campus Classes.

Winter Session 2005 Dates: December 20, 2004 - January 9, 2005

Option 1: Blended Classes (some on-campus, online, video conferencing or independent study) Schedule to be determined by faculty. Faculty must provide a start date, an end date, a meeting schedule for the on-campus meetings, and must meet the required student learning outcomes. Courses converted into a blended format need only departmental approval, unless it is a brand new course. Please note: faculty only receive distance learning stipends if the course meets face-to-face less than 1/3 (or 33%) of the course time.


Total # of Days Total Contact Hrs Needed for On-Campus Meetings (if on-campus meetings=40% of entire course) Possible Dates Possible Days
4 3 hrs, 45 min (total of 225 min per meeting)
15 hours total
December 20, 21, January 3, 4 M & T
Total # of Days Total Contact Hrs Needed for ON-Campus Meetings (if on-campus meetings=30% of entire course) Possible Dates Possible Days
3 3 hrs, 40 min (total 230 min per meeting)
11.5 hours total
Dec. 20, 21, Jan. 4 M & T

Option 2: Online Classes (fully online classes via Blackboard or eCollege)
Schedule to be determined by faculty. Faculty must provide a start and end date and must meet the required student learning outcomes. Please note that a course that is converted into a distance learning format need only departmental approval, unless it is a brand new course.

Option 3: Evening/Weekend Classes

If the course is offered evenings only, the schedule will vary, but must meet the required contact hours

Total # of Days Total Contact Hrs Needed,
including final but not breaks
Possible Dates Possible Days
9 4 hrs, 17 min Dec. 20-23, Jan. 3-7 MTWR, and

If the course is offered with a mixture of evenings and weekends, the schedule will vary, but must meet the required contact hours

Total # of Days Total Contact Hrs Needed
including final but not breaks
Possible Dates Possible Days
8 4.5 hrs on week-day evening sessions and 6 hrs on Saturday sessions Dec. 20, 21, 22, 23, Jan. 3, 4, 5, 8 MTWR, MTW, SA

Option 4: Immersion Classes (field study, study abroad)
A minimum of 5 full days (7.5 hours a day) equates to a three-credit course. Note that travel time is not included in the required hours.

Option 5: Internships and/or Co-Ops
Schedule to be determined by faculty. Faculty must provide a start and end date and must meet the required student learning outcomes. Note: faculty may want to start this option in Winter session and go into or throughout the Spring semester.

Option 6: Face-to-Face, On-Campus Classes
Examples: Classes beginning prior to the holiday break and ending in January

Total # of Days Total Contact Hrs Needed,
including final but not breaks
Possible 2004 Dates Possible 2005 Dates Possible Days
8 4 hrs, 40 min Dec 20-23 Jan 3-6 MTWR, MTWR
9 4 hrs, 17 min Dec 20-23 Jan 3-7 MTWR, MTWRF
10 3 hrs, 45 min Dec 20-23 Jan 3-8 MTWR, MTWRFSa

Note: Creative format options are encouraged (including the possibility of starting the class late in the Fall semester or ending early in the Spring semester). Any creative scheduling must meet the minimum hour requirements and requires approval of the dean.

Proposed course offerings are to be submitted, using the attached form, to the Dean, who will finalize offerings in consultation with the faculty and forward the information to the Office of Professional Training & Education (PTE will copy the Registrar). *Please be sure to build in snow days, which can be held on Saturday, January 8th and/or Sunday, January 9th if need be.

Winter Session 2005 - Intent to Offer Course Form
(to be distributed by Dept. Chairs)

Contact Information


Academic Department:

Campus Extension:

Course Information

Term to Teach: Winter 20__

Preferred Class Size:

Course Title and Number:

Preferred Teaching Option (please circle one):

Face to Face, On Campus Online Evening/Weekend
Blended Immersion Internship/Co-Op

Preferred Course Schedule (please be specific about option chosen):
Example: Blended - will meet 4 times on-campus (Dec 20, 21, Jan 3, 4) for 3.75 hrs (a total of 15 hours - 40% of course), remaining meetings will be online. Course starts: 12/20 and ends 1/9


Faculty Signature:

Dept Chair Signature:

Dean's Signature:

This document was sent to all MU faculty

April 12, 2004

Dear Dr/Professor: (faculty member name):

In past Winter Sessions, we have targeted most offerings to fulfill general education requirements. In the attached preliminary survey, you will see that many students have requested more courses within their major. Therefore, the Winter Session Task Force is hoping to poll students regarding demand for Winter Session classes in the early part of the fall 2004 semester. Our goal is to measure the interest in specific classes your department might offer. Please consider which classes you might be interested in offering and in what format (face-to-face, online, blended, etc). We'll be requesting that list of classes from you early in the fall semester.

In order to elicit student interest in Winter Session offerings, we will list all potential offerings on the survey for student response. We will then provide you with survey results early in the fall semester. We believe this will be a vital piece of information that will significantly increase the predictability of class size. After a list of possible courses is generated, department chairs will be asked to determine if there would be any problems in offering particular courses.

It is our hope that by notifying faculty now, some might consider planning for these courses--altering syllabi to fit into the abbreviated Winter schedule and looking at various options (online, blended, face-to-face, independent study, etc) for offering courses.

This year's winter schedule will be split (December 20 - January 9) - a very short session. The first four days will be before Christmas, and then there will be a week off. The rest of the Winter Session will operate from Monday through Friday or Saturday. (The middle week of the Winter Session could be a great opportunity to assign reading, research, or field work.)

Please note that although the Winter 2005 schedule is a challenge, it is also an uncommon occurrence as the Winter 2006 and 2007 schedules will provide for a return to a three-week session. It is important that we consistently offer Winter courses to our students; thus we must be creative in the type of courses offered and in which formats they are offered.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the chair of the Winter Session Task Force, Dr. Carol Phillips, or if your questions are related to the format in which you would like to offer the course, please contact Lorial Maguire in the Office of Professional Training & Education.

Thank you for your consideration!
The Winter Session Task Force


Number of Students who Submitted Surveys = 363
Number of Enrollments for Winter Session = 582

  1. Are you a Millersville University student?
    Yes 95.3% (346)
    No 4.6% (17)

    If no, what college or university do you regularly attend?
    15 responses to this question:

    Full Time 58.0% (212)
    Part Time 8.5% (31)
    No Response 33.0% (120)

    What class will you be in this spring?
    Freshman 3.0% (11)
    Sophomore 13.7% (50)
    Juniors 29.2% (106)
    Seniors 47.1 % (171)
    Graduate Student, degree seeking 4.4 % (16)
    Graduate Student, non- degree seeking 1.9% (7)
    No response 0.5% (2)

  2. Have you taken winter classes at MU in previousyears?
    Have taken classes before 22.5% (82)
    Have not taken classes before 76.0 % (276)
    No response 1.6 % (2)

  3. What type of course are you enrolled in this winter?
    Mixed Media Class (4 offered) 12.6% (46)
    Online Class (7 offered) 12.1% (44)
    Evening/Weekend Class (3 offered) 6.0% (23)
    Face to Face, Traditional Class (22 offered) 69.9% (253)

    What did you like about this method?
    Response from Mixed Media class:

  4. Why do you enroll in winter classes?
    To graduate early 14.8 % (54)
    To take a required class 31.4% (114)
    To graduate on time 47.6% (173)
    To take class while away from home campus 1.6% (6)
    To reduce course load during year 38.5% (140)
    Other responses included:
    To take a course I normally wouldn't take(5)
    To make up a missed course(5)
    To retake a class for a better grade(5)
    To stay busy over break(3)
    To earn more credits for financial aid(1)
    Course is full in spring semester(1)

  5. Rate your satisfaction with:
    Variety of classes offered:
    Very satisfied 25.6% (97)
    Somewhat satisfied 55.9% (203)
    Unsatisfied 16.2% (59)
    No response 1.1% (4)

    Student comments were:

    1. More options in class choice. (13)
    2. Some classes need more time then winter session offers. (3)
    3. More online classes available
    4. Requests for GOV, TECH, ART, & ED classes.

    Satisfaction with times classes occurred:
    Very satisfied 25.6% (97)
    Somewhat satisfied 55.9% (203)
    Unsatisfied 16.2% (59)
    No response 1.1% (4)
    Student comments were:

    1. Would like a later start (10)
    2. Would like other class times- afternoons or evenings. (5)
    3. Would like to take more then one class at a time. (3)
    4. Would like more days of class, with shorter Sat. class. (2)
    5. No Sunday classes.

    Satisfaction with support services:
    Very satisfied 25.6% (97)
    Somewhat satisfied 55.9% (203)
    Unsatisfied 16.2% (59)
    No response 1.1% (4)

    Student comments were:

    1. Need clearer and more information about classes, money due, etc. (3)
    2. More notice on when class scheduling is available.
    3. No 1-800 number.
    4. Fees were too high.
    5. Too complicated if not already enrolled.
    6. Staff was unfriendly and unsupportive to nontraditional student.
    7. Would like online price guide for books.
    8. Could not take exam on Blackboard because registration was put on late.
    9. Problems with full classes and late registration. (4)
    10. Payment of winter and spring semester at same time is problem.

  6. What would encourage you or your peers to enroll or continue to enroll in winter classes?

    Classes requested to have more of:
    GENERAL ED (64), BUAD (16), ELED (13), BIO (9), COMM (9), ENGL (9), ITEC (7), PSYC (7), GOVT (5), CSCI (4), HIST (4), ART (3), EDUC (3), ENGL ED (3), ITEC /ED (3), MARKETING (3), OSEH/EHEM (3), SPED (3), GEOG (2), HIST/ED (2), MATH (2), MBA (2), SOCY (2), SPANISH (2).

    The following each had one request:

    In response to the other:

    1. Classes could be longer. (3)
    2. No classes between Christmas and New Years Eve.
    3. Classes at different times to create more of a class schedule. (3)
    4. Classes were too condensed compared to previous sessions.
    5. Have graduate education classes.

  7. How did you hear about Winter Session at Millersville University?
    Friend 20.3% (89)
    Instructor 13.0% (57)
    Postcard 5.9% (26)
    University News Ad 5.0% (22)
    Local Newspaper 0.40% (2)
    Website 41.1% (180)

    Course selection book 9.6% (42)
    Advisor 1.1% (5)
    Signs around campus 1.1% (5)
    Previous years 0.6% (3)
    Family 0.6% (3)
    Called 0.4% (2)

  8. Will the change in next years Winter Session prohibit you from taking a course next year?
    Yes 12.3% (45)
    Not Sure 47.1% (171)
    No 40.4% (147)

    Additional Comments:

    1. More time for classes, shortening would not be a good idea. (14)
    2. Do not change schedule, students like the way it is now. (12)
    3. Students enjoyed the classes. (11)
    4. Classes are too expensive and financial aid does not cover them. (6)
    5. Offer more courses at campus and online. (6)
    6. Students liked the Christmas Break. (3)
    7. Just have classes during the week, not weekend, so it feels like a break.
    8. Simpler website.
    9. Need heat in the classrooms.
    10. One student was upset because campus was closed and could not access resources.


    Number of Returned Surveys = 21
    Number of Faculty Teaching Winter Session = 36

    1. What is your faculty status?
      Full Time 95.2% (20)
      Part Time 0.0 % (0)
      No Response 4.7 % (1)

    2. Have you taught winter classes at MU before?
      Yes 71.4% (15)
      No 19.0% (4)
      No Response 9.5% (2)

    3. What type of course did you teach?
      Mixed Media 9.5% (2) Faculty Taught = 4
      Online Class 9.5% (2) Faculty Taught = 7
      Eve/Weekend Class 14.2% (3) Faculty Taught = 3
      Face-to-Face Class 66.7% (14) Faculty Taught = 22

      3a. What did you like about this method?

        Mixed Media:
        Was enjoyable, students like longer period, which gave them more time for preparation for papers, exams, and presentations.

        Enjoyed online students, but most students did not have Word or PowerPoint.

        It was good, enjoyed class. (2)
        Campus did not support the classes, the bookstore was not open, and the police were not available.

        Likes and prefers face-to-face classes. (4)
        Enjoyed interaction, and the intensity is good. (4)
        The class was too short and did not like the two-week break.

    4. Why do you teach winter classes? (note - multiple responses)
      To meet students needs 28.5% (16)
      To meet department requests 14.2% (8)
      Personal Gratification 26.7% (15)
      Continuing Ed pay 30.3% (17)


      1. Course is popular
      2. Helps graduate students and undergraduate students complete their minor.
      3. Like to keep working between semesters.
      4. Different type of people in winter classes.

    5. What challenges did you face in teaching in Winter Session this year?
      1. It was hectic with the holidays.
      2. Time was sparse, hard to prepare because it's so close to fall semester, hard to fit all information into shorter time, and hard for students to absorb all the information. (6)
      3. Did not like being able to add others, after students drop course.
      4. Did not like break between weeks.

    6. Will the change in next year's Winter Session prohibit you from teaching?
      Yes 4.7 % (1)
      No 61.9% (13)
      Not Sure 33.3% (7)

    7. When looking at the challenges from above, what would a shortened time frame mean for you to deliver your courses next winter?
      1. Very difficult and intense, students would not be able to handle all the information, it is already too short. (9)
      2. No problem with shortening the classes. (6)
      3. Would have to teach the class mixed media to make it work. (2)

    8. What would encourage you or your peers to teach Winter Session classes?
      1. Revenue sharing or continued education pay scale would be good because I make 20% less for winter session with much more work and more intense classes.
      2. Appeal to the small, intimate class size.

    9. Do you plan to teach in the '05 Winter Session? No
      Yes 57.1% (12)
      38.0% (8)
      Not Sure 4.7% (1)

      Additional Comments:

      1. Winter session helps students reach their goals, and often time they do better then regular classes.
      2. The number of courses that are offered has been drastically reduced and it was better the old way.
      3. Liked seven days on, break, five days off, it helped students to get a lot of work done over break.
      4. Liked the intense course with good student - teacher interaction. (2)
      5. Not sure would teach next year with only three-week break between semesters.
      6. It's foolish to permit large numbers of classes that are under enrolled to be offered.
      7. Do not stop winter session, it is a great asset.

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