Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment #1
Faculty Senate Minutes
June 8, 2004

To: Dr. Joel Piperberg, President of the Faculty Senate
From: The Department of Sociology/Anthropology
Date: August 11, 2004
Re: Faculty Emeritus Status for Dr. Samuel E. Casselberry

Whereas Dr. Samuel E. Casselberry taught Anthropology at Millersville University for thirty-four years; and

Whereas Dr. Samuel E. Casselberry directed the creation of the Anthropology major and minor at Millersville; and

Whereas Dr. Samuel E. Casselberry supported strongly the establishment of the archaeology program at Millersville by recruiting faculty to teach archaeology courses and by supporting their field school activities; and

Whereas Dr. Samuel E. Casselberry enhanced the efforts of the department effectively to advise its students by developing the guidelines for the "sophomore review"; and

Whereas Dr. Samuel E. Casselberry served as department chair for sixteen years, and earned the respect of all his departmental colleagues for his impressive organizational skills, his fairness to them and his dedication to the needs of the students; and

Whereas Dr. Samuel E. Casselberry responded frequently and capably when administrative positions needed to be filled and in so doing provided continuity between administrators and wise counsel to his administrative colleagues; and

Whereas Dr. Samuel E. Casselberry valued the importance of student research as demonstrated by his creation of the departmental Student Research Award and by mentoring many students through their honors theses; and

Whereas Dr. Samuel E. Casselberry conducted on-going research on the relationship between ideology and spatial relationships across cultures and introduced his research into his teaching; and

Whereas Dr. Samuel E. Casselberry's commitment to Millersville University was expressed in numerous ways, including service on many important university committees; and

Whereas Dr. Samuel E. Casselberry was a Departmental colleague of great integrity whose resourcefulness, organization, vision, tolerance and respect for diverse ways of thinking have provided extraordinary service to the entire university community;

Therefore be it resolved that the faculty of the Department of Sociology/Anthropology unhesitatingly recommend that Dr. Samuel E. Casselberry be granted the rank of Professor of Anthropology Emeritus.

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