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Faculty Senate Minutes
January 20, 2004

RECOMMENDATION TO ROUND GRADES: February 3, 2004 Faculty Senate Meeting

Until the summer 1999 Millersville rounded the GPA; but the Banner system that was installed in 1999 allowed only truncation of the GPA. The latest version of Banner, which will be installed during the spring 2004, allows the option of truncating or rounding the GPA. The Registrar prefers continuation of truncation of the GPA.

For example, 1.9999, 1.9950, 1.9949 and 1.9900 truncate to 1.99. However, 1.9950 - 1.9999 rounds to 2.00 while 1.9900 - 1.9949 rounds to 1.99.

The Deans' Council discussed the two options and recommends that Millersville round the student GPA effective the summer 2004. The change will not be retroactive.

Mathematically you lose information when numbers are truncated, so rounding is the preferred procedure.
The Registrar observes that rounding 1.9950 to 2.00 affects academic standing and graduation requirements, rounding 3.3450 to 3.35 affects graduation honors eligibility, and rounding 2.9950 to 3.00 affects certification for B.S.Ed. students.

Edward Shane
Interim Provost

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