Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment #2
Faculty Senate Minutes
February 17, 2004

To: Dr. Joel Piperberg
President of Faculty Senate
From: The Department of Economics
Date: Feb. 12, 2004
RE: Emeritus Resolution (posthumous) for Dr. Jong Chol Hau

Faculty Member: Jong Chol Hau

Department: Economics

Years of Service: 27

Accomplishments: Dr. Hau

Served ably as chair of the Department of Economics (1984 - 1993).

Developed and taught senior seminars in the Economics of East Asia.

Was an active scholar in his chosen fields of Labor Economics, Comparative Economic Systems, and the Economics of East Asia and contribute to the fields through journal articles, book reviews, and many scholarly presentations.

Was a long-time member of the Korean-American Economic Association and taught at a major Korean university during a sabbatical leave in 1992.

Thus, the Department of Economics thanks Dr. Jong Chol Hau for his many years of valuable service and sundry contributions to the Department, the School, and the University and unanimously recommends that Dr. Jong Chol Hau be granted the honorary title of Professor of Economics Emeritus.

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