Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment #4
Faculty Senate Minutes
April 6, 2004

Nominations for Emeritus Status of Dr. Cynthia Dilgard
Proposed by the Department of English

WHEREAS Dr. Cynthia Dilgard had taught at Millersville University of Pennsylvania since before her retirement in December, at rank of Professor;

WHEREAS for more than a third of her tenure at Millersville University, Dr. Dilgard had also served effectively as chair of the English Department, one of the largest departments at the university;

WHEREAS Dr. Dilgard served with distinction as one of the few women department chairs in the university;

WHEREAS Dr. Dilgard helped to establish the Technical Writing course for the English Department and taught literature to a broad range of students from basic courses in writing to intermediate-level courses to upper-division and graduate courses in Shakespeare, English Romanticism, Victorian Literature, and Drama;

WHEREAS Dr. Dilgard served the community by teaching technical writing courses offered by three Lancaster industries as a service to their employees;

WHEREAS Dr. Dilgard actively promoted the long-needed implementation of positive changes for women's rights at Millersville University through long-standing membership on the Women's Commission and for the initiation of women's studies through membership on the Women's Studies Committee, serving on the Sub-committee on Perspective workshops;

WHEREAS Dr. Dilgard was vitally a part of the forward development of the university as a long-standing member on the Strategic Planning and Resource Committee a key committee having to do with long-rage planning and the deployment of resources, and as a member of the Long-Range Planning Committee;

WHEREAS Dr. Dilgard assisted in the growth of curriculum and academic enrichment programs at Millersville University by her long-term membership on the International Studies Selection Committee and the Academic Forum Committee;

WHEREAS Dr. Dilgard served area schools in curriculum review and as a member of a Review Committee that oversaw the Women's History Month essay contests for secondary schools in the Lancaster Area;

THEREFORE, in recognition of Dr. Dilgard's outstanding work as a professor of writing and literature of her service as English Department Chair, of her service to the Millersville University's curriculum and its long-range planning for institutional growth, and of her service to the Lancaster Area, --its schools an its industries;

BE IT RESOLVED that the English Department of Millersville University of Pennsylvania requests that the honorary title of "Professor of English, Emerita" be granted to Dr. Cynthia C. Dilgard.

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