Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment #7
Faculty Senate Minutes
April 6, 2004

Date: April 6, 2004
To: MU Faculty Senate
From: MU Department of Biology
RE: Faculty Emeritus Resolution Conferring Faculty Emeritus Status upon Dr. Guy L. Steucek

The Department of Biology unanimously approved the following resolution on March 25, 2004 and now recommends its passage by the Faculty Senate:


WHEREAS Dr. Guy L. Steucek served as a faculty member of the Biology Department of Millersville University since 1969, a total of 34 years; and

WHEREAS Professor Steucek was a dedicated and committed teacher, who was able to convey to his students his love of and enthusiasm for science in general and especially biology, who taught a wide range of courses covering Plant Physiology, General Biology, Biometry, Perspectives in Environmental Awareness, plant ecology and Educational Workshops for teachers; and

WHEREAS Dr. Steucek was a strong advocate of student research who wanted his students to experience the joy and challenge of scientific discovery and who served as an excellent role model for those students as the author of numerous scientific papers, articles and chapters in books and as an internationally respected plant physiologist; and

WHEREAS Dr. Steucek constantly challenged and encouraged his many students, from non-science majors to Biology majors, to take a creative approach to scientific investigation and to exercise critical thinking in all aspects of their lives and work; and

WHEREAS Professor Steucek was a highly valued and esteemed colleague, who was willing to take on many demanding responsibilities in the Biology Department, such as Department Chairperson and member or Chair of committees too numerous to remember, such as the Evaluation Committee, Campus Landscape Committee, Environmental Option; and

WHEREAS Dr. Steucek could always be counted on to make worthwhile contributions to discussions of weighty or controversial department and university issues, always punctuating said contributions with his wit, unwavering rational thought, and above all his passionate concern for the betterment of the University and his Department; and

WHEREAS Professor Steucek was strongly committed to improving the environment of our campus, county, state, country, and planet and worked actively in riparian and forest restoration projects in Lancaster County and conserving Pennsylvania flora; and

WHEREAS Professor Steucek demonstrated his dedication to the greater community as a long time member of the Executive Committee of the Yale Alumni Association of Central Pennsylvania, a Board member of the Lancaster Chapter of AFS, a former member of the Steering Committee of the Native Plants in the Landscape Conference held annually at Millersville, and as a perennial science fair judge; and

WHEREAS Guy has been and continues to be a devoted father and husband; and

WHEREAS Dr. Steucek will be sorely missed by all of his colleagues at Millersville as he spends more time as gentleman farmer, conservationist, and family man in New England; and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That in honor of his long service and contributions to his Department and the University, the Biology Department of Millersville University asks that Dr. Guy L. Steucek be granted the honorary title of Professor of Biology Emeritus.

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