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Faculty Senate Minutes
January 18, 2005

Recommendation 1: A new purpose statement and objectives for General Education

Proposed Purpose Statement (Drafted 11/23/04; Approved 12/20/04)

Consistent with Millersville University's mission to "promote intellectual development through an exemplary liberal arts based education," the purpose of General Education is to provide breadth of knowledge as a balance and complement to the depth provided by the major. General Education is designed to provide a coherent, well-rounded educational experience that assures the acquisition of lifelong values and competencies, including information literacy, personal wellness, ways of knowing across a variety of disciplines, and an appreciation for cultural and academic diversity. These are necessary for the holistic development of our graduates so that they may become responsible citizens in a democracy that exists within an increasingly complex global society.

Proposed Objectives (Drafted 12/20/04; Approved 12/20/04)

The General Education Program prepares graduates who meet all of the following objectives.

Foundations for Critical Thinking and Life-Long Learning

Critical Thinking And Its Application To Personal, Academic, Career, and Civic Purposes

Connecting Critical Thinking In The Disciplines To Life Beyond The Classroom

Recommendation 2: A revised curricular structure for General Education
(minimum 51 semester hours)

Foundations (4 courses - 12 sh)

Introduction to Critical Thinking in the Disciplines (4 courses - min. 12 sh)

Critical thinking in the Disciplines Electives (6 courses - min. 18 sh)

Integration (3 courses - 9 sh)

Six courses (18 sh) from Required Related course work in student's major may be counted toward any of the Gen Ed requirements above.

Other University requirements:

Writing courses: 4 required; may be in General Education, the major or general electives.
Diversity2 course: 1 required; may be in General Education, the major or general electives.

Courses meeting any Gen Ed requirement will be approved according to existing procedures.

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