Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment #1
Faculty Senate Minutes
April 19, 2005

Date: April 12, 2005
To: MU Faculty Senate
From: MU Department of Biology
RE: Faculty Emeritus Resolution Conferring Faculty Emeritus Status upon Dr. David Ostrovsky

The Department of Biology unanimously approved the following resolution on April 18, 2005 and now recommends its passage by the Faculty Senate:


WHEREAS Dr. David S. Ostrovsky served as a faculty member of the Biology Department of Millersville University since 1973, a total of 31 years; and

WHEREAS Professor Ostrovsky served one term as Department Chairperson; and

WHEREAS Professor Ostrovsky was a dedicated and committed teacher, who was able to convey to his students his love of and enthusiasm for science in general and especially biology, who taught a wide range of courses, including Evolution, Human Biology, Biometry, Genetics, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Endocrinology and General Biology; and

WHEREAS Dr. Ostrovsky was a strong advocate of student use of computers as a tool to search for resource material for his courses, to analyze data collected in the laboratory and to incorporate material learned in the classroom into a personal web page; and

WHEREAS Professor Ostrovsky shared his love of computers with middle school students as a participant in Millersville University's Summer Science Training Program; and

WHEREAS Dr. Ostrovsky challenged and encouraged his students to make use of the newest computer technologies to enhance and strengthen their educational experiences and enthusiastically informed his colleagues of each new interesting website relevant to his or her course; and

WHEREAS Professor Ostrovsky was a pioneer in developing a truly paperless and clutter-free office; and

WHEREAS Professor Ostrovsky was the first faculty member in the Department to maintain a home page, to place courses online, to create Java programs for his Evolution, Human Biology, Biometry, Genetics and General Biology courses and to provide online textbooks for his students; and

WHEREAS Dr. Ostrovsky could be depended upon to expedite discussion of the many issues faced by the department, was willing to take the part of the devil's advocate (contrarian view) for nearly every issue to make sure that all (both) sides of that issue were fairly represented and did all this while maintaining with wit, grace and good humor; and

WHEREAS Professor Ostrovsky had a profound interest in advanced mathematics and could often be overheard discussing mathematical concepts with members of the Physics Department and he encouraged interdepartmental cooperation by teaching a joint Evolution Honors Seminar with the Earth Sciences Department and a course in Mathematical Modeling with the Mathematics Department; and

WHEREAS Dr. Ostrovsky was not totally baffled by String Theory; and

WHEREAS Dr. Ostrovsky was Secretary of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science for five years and served as a Co-Chair and organizer for an annual meeting of that society and served on a number of University and Department committees, including APSCUF representative council and the General Education Review Committee; and

WHEREAS Dave is a dedicated world traveler and an avid skier who recently learned of the marvelous skiing conditions and natural beauty of Banff National Park and Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada; and

WHEREAS Dr. Ostrovsky will be sorely missed by all of his colleagues at Millersville as he spends more time as a traveler, skier, lover of fine foods, Broadway shows and C-SPAN and a quintessential web surfer; and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That in honor of his long service and contributions to his Department and the University, the Biology Department of Millersville University asks that Dr. David S. Ostrovsky be granted the honorary title of Professor of Biology Emeritus.

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