Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment #2
Faculty Senate Minutes
March 1, 2005

Faculty Emeritus Statement for the Council of Trustees

Name of Faculty Member: Dr. Clifton W. Price
Department: Physics
Number of Service Years: 34


  1. Dr. Clifton W. Price has conscientiously and effectively discharged his teaching duties while maintaining high standards.

  2. Dr. Clifton W. Price has efficiently developed and expanded the Physics Department's astronomy course offerings and has supervised numerous student research projects.

  3. Dr. Clifton W. Price has ably coordinated the Physics Department's Harlow Shapely Visiting Lectureship and has efficiently organized the School of Science and Mathematics Annual Brossman Science Lectureship activities.

  4. Dr. Clifton W. Price has willingly served as the chair of several departmental committees, in particular, the Physics Department's Evaluation Committee for four years.

  5. Dr. Clifton W. Price has competently represented the Physics Department in the Faculty Senate and has pleasantly entertained his colleagues with his regular witty comments on the Senate's sessions and the accompanying gastronomical and oenological tips and advises.

Statement of Support:

The Department of Physics unanimously recommends that Dr. Clifton W. Price be granted the honorary title of Professor of Physics Emeritus.

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