Millersville University, Faculty Senate

Attachment #2
Faculty Senate Minutes
April 19, 2005

Date: April 12, 2005
To: MU Faculty Senate
From: MU Department of Biology
RE: Faculty Emeritus Resolution Conferring Faculty Emeritus Status upon Dr. William J. Yurkiewicz

The Department of Biology unanimously approved the following resolution on April 18, 2005 and now recommends its passage by the Faculty Senate:


WHEREAS Dr. William J. Yurkiewicz served as a faculty member of the Biology Department of Millersville University since 1966, a total of 38 years and at the time of his retirement was the second ranking faculty member in time of service; and

WHEREAS Professor Yurkiewicz was well respected by his colleagues, extremely well liked by his students, could be counted on to provide appropriate and wise counsel to his student advisees and on department, university, educational and scientific matters when needed and was generally regarded as one of the most amiable, kind and amenable members of the department; and

WHEREAS Professor Yurkiewicz was a dedicated and committed teacher, who was able to convey to his students his love of and enthusiasm for science in general and especially biology, who, during his tenure at the University, taught 16 courses, including Nutrition, Human Sexuality, Zoology, Parasitology, General Biology and Animal Physiology; and

WHEREAS Dr. Yurkiewicz was a strong advocate of undergraduate and graduate student research, acting as the supervisor for 37 undergraduate independent study projects and 11 graduate students and serving on the thesis committees of more than seven students; and

WHEREAS Professor Yurkiewicz understood and appreciated the importance of work-related experience for our students and acted as the supervisor for 19 Co-Op Education students; and

WHEREAS Dr. Yurkiewicz shared his knowledge and love for biology with various university communities and public organizations, presenting 57 public lectures and talks and attending 74 professional meetings at which he was the author or co-author of 35 papers; and

WHEREAS Professor Yurkiewicz had an excellent publication record of 52 scientific and non-technical papers and 12 abstracts and was a reviewer of five books; and

WHEREAS Professor Yurkiewicz taught 19 different Continuing Education courses, offered many workshops for Millersville University and taught in the Summer Science Training Program for nine years; and

WHEREAS Dr. Yurkiewicz was awarded 11 grants for research, including grants from the National Science Foundation, the American Heart Association and the Pennsylvania Department of Education; and

WHEREAS Professor Yurkiewicz was a member of nine professional societies, including the Entomological Society of America, the National Association of Biology Teachers, the Nutrition Today Society and the American Association of Sex Educators; and

WHEREAS Dr. Yurkiewicz served on 18 different University committees, including Faculty Senate, Faculty Evaluation Procedure Committee, APSCUF Scholarship Committee, Affirmative Action Committee, APSCUF Representative Council (twice) and Promotion and Tenure Committee (thrice); and

WHEREAS Dr. Yurkiewicz served on 16 different Biology Department committees, including Development of the Principles of Biology Course Committee, Core Curriculum Committee, Faculty Evaluation Committee, numerous search committees, and nine years as the Department Cooperative Education Coordinator; and

WHEREAS Dr. Yurkiewicz participated in many civic activities, such as service on the Nutritional Education Committee of Lancaster, as a consultant to the Planned Parenthood Volunteers on aspects of human sexuality, as a nutritional consultant to McCaskey High School and the Hanford Publishing Company of Lancaster, as a judge for science fairs and the 4-H clubs, and as a school board member; and

WHEREAS Dr. Yurkiewicz will be deeply missed by all of his colleagues at Millersville as he spends more time working around his home and on his farms as a dedicated homeowner and farmer, traveling to antique shows as an antiques aficionado and getting up early to find the best bargain and the most unique items at the daily yard sales; and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That in honor of his long service and contributions to his Department and the University, the Biology Department of Millersville University asks that Dr. William J. Yurkiewicz be granted the honorary title of Professor of Biology Emeritus.

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