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Faculty Senate Minutes
November 29, 2005

Science and Math General Education Working Group

The Science and Math Working Group feel that the General Education Program at Millersville University is not irreparably broken. We believe that the current system does meet the characteristics proposed by the reform. However, we also believe the current curriculum is perceived by students and faculty alike as incoherent and lacking clear purpose. Therefore, our working group strongly encourages a reframing of the general education curriculum where all students are consistently encouraged by the general education structure and more importantly by advisors and faculty members to seek an intellectually rich curriculum. Our proposal creates thematic overlays for general education blocks whereby a clear purpose is intentionally stated and packages of courses are created that encourage coherence and intellectual richness within the current structure.

Our proposal

51 Total Credits

Our Changing World

G1: Change in America

Choose One

Choose 3 Courses: No more than 2 may be from the same department

G2: Change in the Natural World

Required Courses

Choose One

Choose One

G3: Humans and Change

Required Courses

Choose One

Choose Two

P: Perspectives Requirement

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