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Faculty Senate Minutes
November 29, 2005

Core, Explore and More (summary)

CORE (18 credits)

Six core courses will be offered with common requirements but different specific content depending on the expertise of the instructor. The six courses - to be taken by every Millersville undergraduate within their first four semesters of study-include:

  1. Scientific inquiry
  2. Social scientific inquiry (qualitative and quantitative)
  3. Historical consciousness
  4. Aesthetic experience and analysis
  5. Critical analysis and written representation (link to major course or first year seminar)
  6. Applied mathematical reasoning

EXPLORE (18 credits)

Student will select 18 credits in any department or program as long as no credits are in their major department and at least six credits are outside the major academic division. Twelve of the 18 credits can be taken Pass/No Credit - after 15 credits earned with a 2.0 or better -- with a C- required to earn a passing grade and credit. (Student will have until the 11th week of the semester to elect P/NC; instructors will not know of any student's choice.)

Departments may specify up to 12 credits of required related courses for a specific major. However, students must be given the opportunity to take at least 6 of the 12 credits P/NC.

MORE (Integration, coherence, diversity) (12 credits)

Students may select 12 credits from any of the following experiences:

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