Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Attachment #1
Faculty Senate Minutes
February 21, 2006

Proposed Clarification and Implementation Procedure for Incomplete Grade Policy
(Developed in consultation with Deans Council, 2/15/06)

  1. Text in paragraph 2 and paragraph 3 (first bulleted item) of current Incomplete policy needs to be inserted as indicated in red below in the undergraduate catalog and Governance Document, for clarification purposes:

  2. The following administrative procedure is proposed to simplify and standardize the processing of incomplete grades in support of the Incomplete policy:

    1. Immediately after processing final grades, Registrar's Office (RO) will send a list of students with incomplete grades for that term to the school deans.

    2. One week before the deadline to make up an incomplete grade, the RO will send a reminder of the due date for submitting final grades to faculty and the school deans. Lists of students with unresolved incomplete grades will be included for both the instructors and the deans.

    3. Approximately two weeks after the deadline to make up an incomplete grade, the RO will send the deans an updated list of students who still have unresolved incomplete grades.

    4. School deans will forward the following documents to the registrar, as appropriate:
      • Change of grade forms with final grade assigned by the instructor and approved by chair and dean;
      • Forms for students whose request for an extension to the incomplete deadline was approved (RO will note extension date in student's record; extension dates are indicated on the list of unresolved incompletes);
      • Forms for students who have not made up the incomplete course work, with instructions for the RO to process the default grade specified by the instructor

    5. The RO will provide a Brio web report so that the deans' offices have the option to print an updated list of students with unresolved incompletes, if necessary.

    6. The RO will add a check to the DARS degree audit so that students with unresolved incompletes from the Spring 2005 term or thereafter cannot satisfy graduation requirements until the work is completed.

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