Millersville University, Faculty Senate
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Faculty Senate Minutes
February 7, 2006

General Education Review Committee Process Recommendations

Principles that guide the reform process (adopted by Senate):

Reminder - Surveys due to Senate February 21st - you may send surveys to John Ward early if desired. The purpose of the survey is to:

  1. Encourage campus-wide dialogue on elements of proposals (Principle B)
  2. Inform Senators about their department's beliefs. (Principle A)

Report: A Gen Ed cost study group has been formed by Carol Philips. (Principle E)

  1. The purpose of the group is to estimate costs / complement issues of the current Gen Ed system in comparison to proposals. Vilas Prabhu emphasizes the need for cost neutral reform.
  2. Members of the group include: Carol Phillips, Joe Revelt, Ed Shane, Bob Smith, John Ward, Mike Gumper, Candae Deen, Jo An Vitable, John Sicotte.


  1. Final proposals for Gen Ed curriculum reform should be voted on by the entire faculty.
  2. The focus of action / decision-making regarding the form of a final proposal that would be voted on by faculty should be with Senate.
  3. The role of the GERC should be to support the process by developing proposals for Senate to discuss, debate, and amend, in preparation for a faculty vote.
  4. Senate should begin to consider guidelines for a faculty vote. GERC suggests that:

Recommendations for Next Steps

  1. Results of the survey will be tabulated and distributed to senators by Feb. 23.
  2. GERC will work to narrow the seven proposals to one or two and will present these proposals to senate for discussion, debate, and amendment. GERC will invite representatives from the Working Groups (Fred Foster-Clark, Lynn Marquez, Len Litowitz, Steve Centola, Scott Schaffer, Barb Stengel, and John McLarnon) to meetings while this work is undertaken.
  3. Senate should then use these proposals as the basis for discussion, debate, and amendment.

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