Millersville University, Faculty Senate
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Faculty Senate Minutes
March 21, 2006

Millersville University
General Education Task Force
General Education Timeline (Rev. 3/20/06)

Fall 1988 Major Gen Ed revision implemented
May 1996 First Gen Ed Program Review
Fall 1997 Modification of Gen Ed Requirements as a result of Task Force on General Education Curriculum and its Resources
May 1999 Revised Gen Ed Objectives approved by Faculty Senate
January 2001 Gen Ed Coordinator (1/4 release) begins
Fall 2001 FYE Undecided Program begins
June 2002 MU team attends Asheville Institute for General Education
November 2002 Faculty Senate creates Gen Ed Task Force (GETF)
February 2003 First meeting of GETF
Fall 2003 Initial round of GETF Focus Group meetings
Fall 2003 Elimination of G4 Gen Ed Elective becomes effective
January 2004 Report to Deans' Council and to Faculty Senate
Spring 2004 Second round of GETF Focus Group meetings
April 2004 External Reviewer (Steve Briggs) visits
June 2004 MU team attends Learning Communities Summer Institute (LCSI)
July 2004 Second Gen Ed Program Review
January 2005 Final recommendations of GETF to Faculty Senate
Spring 2005 Campus-wide forums & Third round of GETF Focus Group meetings
Spring - Fall 2005 Consideration by Senate of Principles & Characteristics of Gen Ed Reform
April 2005 Aborted Faculty Vote on Principles, Purpose & Objectives
Fall 2005 Pilot-test of First-Year Learning Communities Initiative
November 2005 Presentation of Curriculum Working Groups to Faculty Senate Plus
Dec 05 - Feb 06 Discussions & Voting by Departments on Gen Ed Reform Survey
Feb - Mar 2006 Development of "Synthesis" Proposal by GERC & Curr Working Groups
March 2006 LCSI Resource Faculty visit MU
Fall 2006 -Spr 2007 Extension of pilot-test of First-Year Learning Communities Initiative

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