Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Attachment #1
Faculty Senate Minutes
April 17, 2007

(Like MU course equivalencies in red)

Mathematics Natural Sciences Social & Behavioral Sciences English Comp Arts & Humanities
Calculus MATH 161 General Chemistry I CHEM 111 General Psychology PSYC 100 English Comp I ENGL 110 Intro to Music MUSI 100
Precalculus MATH 160 Introduction to Astronomy/
Exploring the Universe
PHYS 117 (for non-majors)
Introduction to Sociology SOCY 101 Public Speaking COMM 100 Intro to Philosophy PHIL 100
Elementary Statistics MATH 130 General Biology I BIOL 100 American National Govt
GOVT 111
  Elementary Spanish I SPAN 101
College Algebra MATH 101--not
a general education math course
General Physics I PHYS 231 (with calculus)
or PHYS 131 (without calculus)
Educational Psychology EDFN 241   Elementary Spanish II SPAN 102
Foundations of Mathematic MATH 100--need
more information to be certain
Anatomy & Physiology I BIOL 254--No GenEd credit,
only accepted as transfer credit when transferred
with A&P II
History of Western Civilization II
HIST 102
  Painting I Our first course titles
Painting is ART 352--would likely need to be a generic ART 10X
    Prin of Macroeconomics ECON 101   Elementary French I FREN 101
    Prin of Microeconomics ECON 102   Drawing I ART 133
    U.S. History I HIST 106   Ethics No equivalent - would likely
need to be a generic PHIL 10X
    U.S. History II No exact match
would need to be a generic HIST 10X
  Intro to Art ART 100
    History of Western Civilization HIST 101   Intro to Literature (aka Humanities Literature) ENGL 230
    Contemporary Social Problems SOCY 211   German I GERM 101
    Introduction to Anthropology No exact
match - would need to be a generic ANTH 10X
  Intro to Theatre No exact
match - possible THEA 217 - might need to
be THEA 10X
    Human Growth & Development No exact
match - spanned by 3 courses: PSYC 227, 228, 229
    Child Psychology No exact match - closest
is PSYC 227 Child & Adolescent

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