Recent papers by Ron Umble

A Topologically Induced 2/in-2/out Operation on Loop Cohomology, J. Math. Sci. 3 (2012) 30-37, offprint

Tensor Products of A_\infty Algebras with Homotopy Inner Products (with T. Tradler), preprint

Morphisms of A_\infty-Bialgebras and Applications (with S. Saneblidze), preprint

On the Z_2-Cohomology of 3D Polyhedral Approximations (with R. Gonzales-Diaz and J. Lamar), preprint

Edge Tessellations and Stamp Folding Puzzles (with M. Kirby), Mathematics Magazine, 84 (2011) 283289.

A_\infty-Bialgebras of Type (m,n) (with A. Berciano and S. Evans), preprint

Gereralizations of the Brachistochrone Problem (with J. Gemmer and M. Nolan), Pi Mu Epsilon Journal, 13(4) (2011), 207-218

Higher Homotopy Hopf Algebras Found: A Ten Year Retrospective, "Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics in honor of M. Gerstenhaber and J. Stasheff," Cattaneo, Giaquinto and Xu Eds.,Progress in Math. 287, Birkhauser, New York, 2011, 343-362

Some Naturally Occurring Examples of A_\infty-Bialgebras (with A. Berciano), J. Pure and Appl. Alg., 215 (2011), 12841291

Matrads, Biassociahedra, and A_\infty-Bialgebas (with S. Saneblidze), J. Homology, Homotopy and Appl., 13(1) (2011), 157

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A Diagonal on the Associahedra (with S. Saneblidze), preprint

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