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I get lots of mail, so please read the following before you mail me. First:

If you have other comments or questions, please check the following list to see if I've already answered your question. (All of these have come up many times.)

1. Would you please link to my web page? I don't link to other pages on request. No exceptions. In the last few years, I've gotten too many requests like this - so I just delete mail asking to link, and if needed I put the address in my spam filter.

2. Can I link to your pages or use your course materials? You're welcome to link to my pages or use my notes or course materials, as long as you don't imply that my pages are part of your site, you don't remove my copyright or authorship information, you follow standard citation practices (i.e. credit me with authorship, and don't claim credit for stuff that I've done), and you don't charge in any way for access to my materials. I can't guarantee that these pages will continue to be available in the future. If you're using my pages as a class resource, please don't refer your students to me with questions.

3. Are you interested in participating in our survey? I don't participate in surveys.

4. Are you interested in attending our workshop/buying our product/listening to our sales pitch/selling any books? No.

5. Could you solve a problem for me? Sorry, no. I only answer questions from students in my classes. Try Stack Exchange or the subreddit on homework help or some other homework site.

6. Could you /write notes/do a video/write a web page on [[insert topic]]? Sorry, no. Try searching online to see if someone has done what you want.

7. Can you send me the source files for your notes/web pages? I don't distribute the source files.

8. I think there's a mistake in your notes/web page. If you can tell me where it is (there are hundreds of pages up there), I'll take a look and fix it if it's wrong.


Phone: 717-871-7312

Mailing address (real mail): Department of Mathematics, Millersville University, Millersville, PA 17551

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