Millersville University, Faculty Senate


Meeting of the Faculty Senate

5 September 2000

Chairperson Piperberg called the meeting to order at 4:15 PM in Chryst hall 210. All departments were represented with the exception of the following: Industry & Technology

Report of the Faculty Senate Chairperson

(1) Chairperson Piperberg asked that we go around the room so that members of the Senate could identify themselves to new senators. New Senators who would like copies of Parliamentary Procedures At A Glance can pick one up from the Chairperson.

(2) Chairperson Piperberg appointed Richard Glenn as Parliamentarian.

(3) Chairperson Piperberg reminded faculty that the unoccupied seats on the Committees will be declared vacant if they are not filled after three meetings. Nominations can be reopened for any of those seats from the floor at any time.

(4) Chairperson Piperberg announced that he had received a phone call last week from John Roscoe. He apologized for the difficulties we had with delivery of refreshments last year and arranged for todayís refreshments to be delivered at no charge. On behalf of the Chairperson and the Senate, thanks are extended to John Roscoe.

(5) For those faculty who will be bringing Emeritus proposals to Senate this year, Chairperson Piperberg reminded senators that they must bring the normal proposal and the short version that is eventually sent to the Trustees for their approval. The format of the short version is now available on the University website in the Faculty Senate Web page under Senate forms.

Report of the Student Senate President

Student Senate Baker announced an upcoming "Formal" in which both students and faculty are invited.

Report of the Graduate Student Organization President None.

Report of Administrative Officers

President Caputo announced the upcoming "Garden Party" on Friday, September 8. He encouraged faculty to ask questions of him both now and in future Senate meetings.

Provost McNairy (a) reminded senators to attend Convocation on September 8 to likewise remind their colleagues. (b) She went on to discuss the issue of posthumous degrees and presented a draft copy of a policy for awarding degrees posthumously. The proposed policy (see attachment) was referred to the Academic Policies Committee and the Graduate Course and Program review Committee (GCPRC) for consideration. It states that the student must be in good academic standing having earned at least 90 credits (Senior status), that there must be no disciplinary sanctions pending against the student and that the death was not the result of illegal behavior on the part of the student.

(c) Provost McNairy said that their had been a proposal to modify the graduation ceremony so that students could walk up on the stage to receive their degrees. The process will be streamlined in order to prevent a lengthening of the graduation ceremony while adding this activity. Student Senate President Baker stated that he felt students would appreciate this addition to the ceremony. It will be first tried at the December commencement. (d) Provost McNairy announced that the search process for hiring new faculty had been revised and streamlined.

Dr. Stager reported (a) that student enrolment was up from Fall 1999 by 50-60 students. The total head count was over 7400 students this year. (b) Soon there would be available for faculty a web-site for faculty advisors where an advisor could locate a studentís address, hone number, DARS, reports, transcripts, etc. (c) Soon all Add/Drops will be done by the instructor through the Web. He added further that the move from phone registration to Web registration would begin Spring 2001. (d) Eventually faculty will be able to enter all grades via the Web. The target date for this is October 2002. The web-site for faculty mentioned above should be available October 1, 2000.

Dr. Phillips announced that "advisement issues" would be dealt with soon.

Reports of the Faculty Senate Standing Committees

Dr. Wismer announced that three courses would be presented next meeting, pending approval by UCPRC.

Reports of the Faculty Senate Special Committees

Dr. Schreiber, Chair of the Ad Hoc Honor Code Committee, announced an upcoming Faculty Forum for Monday, October 2, at 4 PM. She invited faculty to participate in a discussion of the desirability and feasibility of an honor code here at Millersville. The Forum will be held in the Multi-Purpose room in the SMC. Refreshments will be served.

Proposed Courses and Programs


Change in Academic Standards for All Music Degree programs

For the Music major or minor, a grade of "C" or better must be achieved in all required sequential music courses in order to continue to the next level. The rationale is that students attaining a "C-" or lower have not mastered the necessary course content to proceed successfully to the next level. Effective Fall 2000.

Hearing no objections, Chairperson Piperberg announced that the change stands approved.


MUSI 369, Introduction to West African Music, 3 credits, a Perspectives course, effective Fall 2000.

Hearing no objections, Chairperson Piperberg announced that the course stands approved.


Add MUSI 204 (Electronic Music) as a choice in the 6-credit Music History Elective area of the B.A. in Music degree program. The change will affect all B.A. students. Effective Fall 2000.

Hearing no objections, Chairperson Piperberg announced that the change stands approved.

The following two curricular changes presented at the June 13, 2000 meeting of Faculty Senate are being held pending approval of a course that is part of both proposals. They will be acted upon once their component course is approved by Senate.


Curriculum change in B.S.E. Music

A proposal to replace EDFN 330 (Microcomputers in the Classroom) as a professional education requirement in the B.S.E. Music degree with EDFN 130 (Instructional Technology in the Music Classroom). This change does not alter the total semester hours in the degree program. Effective fall 2000


Curriculum change in B.A. Music and B.A. Music (Emphasis in Music Industry Studies).

Add EDFN 130 (Instructional Technology in the Music Classroom) as a Required Related course to the B.A. Music and B.A. Music (Emphasis in Music Industry Studies) degrees. The change increases the total semester hours in each degree by 3 (the B.A. music degree will go from 124 to 127 semester hours; the B.A. Music (Emphasis in Music industry Studies) degree will go from 120.5 to 123.5 semester hours). Effective Fall 2000.

Faculty Emeritus None.

Other/New Business None.


After Chairperson Piperberg explained the process (Preferential Ballot System), senators were instructed to indicate candidates in order of preference for each Committee vacancy. Faculty left as they finished. The ballots were collected by Chairperson Piperberg who said they would be counted that same evening.

The meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jen Miller


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