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I retired from Millersville University on August 14, 2020. MU is allowing me to maintain my web pages as a courtesy, but you should not assume that they will continue to be available indefinitely. So if you're using them to study, please download everything you think you will want now, in case the pages become unavailable.

Please read the following before you mail me. First:

My email address is at the bottom, but please see if I've answered your question already.

Here are some questions people have asked, with brief answers.

I try to respond to mails when possible. However, please be polite: Don't mail me to ask for things I've said above that I don't do. In particular:

If I feel someone is being rude or obnoxious (for instance, by making repeated requests for stuff), I put their email address into my blocked senders list and will not communicate with them in the future.


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