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Note: I only link to pages that I use myself. If you want a page with dozens of math-related links, you could just do an online search on "math"; I'm being selective to avoid overwhelming people with too many choices. But the fact that I haven't linked to a page doesn't mean I think badly of it.

Notes and pages on topics in math

[September 6, 2020] I've restored some of the notes, and I expect all the calculus notes will be available within the next couple of weeks. I'm revising the linear algebra notes, so I may wait before putting them back up again. Some of the older notes (differential equations, college algebra) need a lot of revision, and won't be online for quite a while. I put the topology notes back up temporarily because someone asked for them, but may take them down for revision as well. The videos will probably not be online again for a long time.

[August 20, 2020] I had to take the notes down last week, because I wasn't sure I'd be allowed to maintain these pages after I retired on August 14. Information Technology told me I can continue to keep my pages up here, so I will restore them bit by bit (though it may take some time). I had to take down the videos for the notes as well; I will need to rebuild a lot of them, so it will be much longer before they are available again.

The notes are web pages, usually accompanied by PDF files for printing.

I appreciate hearing about mistakes, which I'll correct as soon as I can. Some of the notes are very incomplete; there may be a few worked-out examples, with little exposition.

Review Sheets

The Review Sheets contain practice problems with solutions. Usually, there are 3 review sheets corresponding to the three tests I gave during the term, and a final review sheet for the final exam. They are arranged by course, and I'll try to put more of them online in the future.

Note that if you're taking a course, your instructor will probably cover different topics than I did, and will teach those topics in different ways. Be sure you know what your instructor expects!

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