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Note: I only link to pages that I use myself. If you want a page with dozens of math-related links, you could just do a Google search on "math"; I'm being selective to avoid overwhelming people with too many choices. But the fact that I haven't linked to a page doesn't mean I think badly of it.

Notes and pages on topics in math

Some of the notes are web pages, usually accompanied by PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files for printing. Some of the older notes are in PostScript format; I plan to convert them to web pages with PDF as time permits.

Please read the PostScript help file before you download any of the notes in PostScript format.

I appreciate hearing about mistakes, which I'll correct as soon as I can. Some of the notes are very incomplete; there may be a few worked-out examples, with little exposition.

The Mathematica Notebooks require at least Mathematica 2.1.

Math-related organizations and Web sites

Free mathematical software

(At this point, I think I'm required to remind you that some of the links above take you out of Millersville University Web space, and that we aren't responsible for the content you reach by following those links. If you wind up in the Arabica Coffee Shop on Coventry Road in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, or get kidnapped by aliens in a space ship, it's not our fault.)

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