Notes on Math Proof

These are notes for a course in math proof: An introduction to writing proofs, the basic types of proofs, and an introduction to important mathematical objects such as functions and relations. The logic and set theory are presented in a naive way.

In the future, I want to improve the notes on quantifiers to include some quantifier proofs. I also want to say something about set identities in the set algebra section. (It is hard to know what to do about this. Is it really useful to list dozens of identities?) I'd also like to include a section or two on writing proofs.

The first link in each item is to a Web page; the second is to a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file. Use the PDF if you want to print it.

These notes are the most recent versions; they're listed in order of presentation.

[Monday, September 4, 9:40 p.m.] There is a video available for the truth-tellers and liars notes.

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