Millersville University Faculty Senate

General Education Review Committee

Annual Report 1999-00

Rep 99-00 Members Department Term Expires
CH02 Fred Foster-Clark
Psychology 2000
ED00 Elizabeth Thyrum Psychology 2000
ED01 John Ward Ed Foundations 2001
HU00 Steven Miller English 2000
HU01 Norma Rivera-Hernandez For. Languages 2001
NO01 Dieter Ullrich Library 2001
SC00 Lynn Marquez Earth Sciences 2000
SC01 Dottie Blum Mathematics 2001
SO00 vacant
SO01 Robert Sayre History 2001
Robert Chabora,
ex officio
Provost's designee
Jennifer Potson Student Senate
Meg Seyago Student Senate

Due to a late start in the Fall caused by delays in finding a chairperson, only two meetings were held in the Fall, but six meetings were held during the Spring term. With only three returning members (including the chair), early meetings required review of the previous work of the committee and planning of goals for this year. Much of our efforts during the remaining meetings focused on three key issues: outcomes assessment planning through the three working groups (Critical Reasoning, Communications, Mathematical Reasoning), developing a General Education Coordinator position, and coordinating with the Academic Outcomes Assessment Committee on the planning of the Academic Forum on Assessment. Average attendance was 8-9 members per meeting (we had two members, N. Rivera-Hernandez and D. Ullrich, who had extended medical leaves).

Motions Forwarded to Senate:

Other Deliberations and Actions
  1. The Committee presented to Senate the plan developed for assessing the Critical Reasoning objective.
  2. The Committee developed and forwarded to the Provost a position description, statement of duties, and selection criteria for the Coordinator for the General Education Program. This was proposed as a __time faculty release for 2000-2001 to coordinate Gen Ed outcomes assessment and generally champion general education at Millersville.
  3. A Selection Sub-Committee was formed to solicit and review applicants for the Coordinator position.
  4. The Committee reported on Gen Ed Outcomes Assessment and facilitated table discussions at the assessment Forum in April.
  5. A Working Group to discuss issues surrounding the Perspectives requirement was formed. A report to the full committee will be forthcoming in the Fall.
  6. The Chair met separately with Jim Fenwick (Acting Chair, UCPRC) and Jim Stager (Associate Provost) to discuss issues surrounding the implementation of the new Gen Ed objectives passed by Senate in 1999. It was agreed that these new objectives would govern new course development and approval beginning in the Fall, 2000. The Chair will work with the Associate Provost's office over the summer to update the relevant sections of the Governance Manual.

Matters Currently in Committee:
Work continues on planning for assessment of outcomes in the areas of Communication and Mathematical Reasoning. We will continue to work on issues related to the Perspectives requirement.

Future Plans:

Next year, we hope to work with the Coordinator to oversee assessment issues and other issues relevant to the continued development of general education at Millersville.

Additional Information/Comments:

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