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Faculty Senate Meeting

21 April 1998

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Chairperson Don Eidam called the meeting to order at 4:08 PM in Chryst 210. All departments were represented except Business Administration, Communication & Theatre, Counseling and Human Development, Developmental Studies, History, Music, Nursing and Special Education.

The minutes of the meeting on April 7 were approved following the emendations.

P. 4407 time should read noon to 7:30 for assistance for registrar and page 4405 UPRC should read UCPRC.



D. Eidam reminded senators that 54 vacancies exist for September elections and asked for nominations. If an individual wants to serve on no more than N committees but is nominated for more than N committees this can be handled but it is not possible to implement choices.

He said that Ms Suskie had visited earlier regarding Middle States Accreditation Process. The chapter groups are being formed. S. Luek is chair of Equity, Fairness, and Inclusiveness. M. Warmkessel and D. Eidam are chairs of Effective Management. Not all the committees have been formed. Some senators may be asked to serve on them. He said that some senators, especially if they are chairs, might be asked to serve as resource persons. T. Kruse is chair of Mission, Goals, Planning, Outcomes and Institutional Effectiveness. Senators may be asked to help out in the year to come. D. Eidam will e-mail senators as he finds out that the Senate is invited to meet with APSCUF with the VP candidates. As soon as D. Eidam finds out he will e-mail senators. The senate is asked to proide three Faculty Senators. He will select the first three that respond by e-mail. He asked senators to keep reading their e-mail.

Student Senate

Melissa Dinofia reported that new officers had been elected to the Student Senate. New president is Shelby Linton, a sophomore on the soccer team. Melissa said she will introduce Shelby at the next Faculty Senate meeting. Thomas Baker was elected Vice President. One more office remains to be filled. The turn out for the vote was disappointing with the lowest turn out for a long time. There were only 196 votes for president.

The budget will be presented to the Student Senate on Friday and the appeals process will begin next Thursday when clubs can appeal the decisions.

The Student Senate is holding two referendums, one concerning textbooks and Dynamics. The other referendum involves small stipends for some student leaders. There was some feeling that these payments should not be made.

The plus/minus forum takes place on Wednesday of next week in the Club de Ville and the student conference (mentioned in earlier minutes) takes place this weekend.

D. Eidam complimented Melissa (who is graduating) on her professionalism and demeanor. He said she had ben an incredible president and that the Faculty Senate would miss her.

Administrative Officers


Provost McNairy said that the end of Spring Semester always involves major activities. The university will be hosting the 21st African-American History Conference, Friday through Sunday. Some of the activities will be on campu; some will be held in Lancaster. The annual Holocaust Conference is scheduled for Sunday and Provost McNairy invited senators to attend these events.

The administration has received a request from the Graduate Students Association to reconsider the decision requiring graduate students participating in Commencement to take part in either the May or December ceremonies. The consensus of the Senate was that graduate students may not graduate early; they must complete their degrees. The administration has suggested that the Graduate Dean meet with the Association to discuss the situation and that if graduate students wish to pursue the matter it should be brought to the Faculty Senate for discussion.

Graduate Student Organization President

The GSO President said that there is to be a meeting with Dr. Labriola and Dr. Downey on April 30 from 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM in SMC Room 50. A memo has been drafted and this will be distributed through inter-office mail. she requested faculty to announce the meeting to their classes and to post it on notice boards.

R. Sykes asked if the students were aware that once the requirements had been met the ceremony was only a ceremony, not the conferral of the degree.

The president said that summer graduates did not feel that coming back in December or the following May was an appropriate closure for what they had earned. some would be travelling; some might be involved in Ph.D. programs and travelling back to receive their degree did not feel right to them.

Nominations for officers (1998-99) were to be hosted Wednesday evening, April. The current president will remain in office. She hopes to report the outcome at the Faculty Senate summer meeting.

Associate Provost Stager

No report.

Associate Provost Roller

No report.



R. Wismer presented the following course proposals: Biol. 209 Horticultural Science
ESCI 447 Meteorological Instrumentation, Measurement, and Observing Systems

Program Change -- In Admission to, and Retention in, Sociology & Sociology/Criminology.

Polymer Chemistry Option

University Theme Committee

J. Piperberg reported that three suggestions for themes for 2001-2002 had been received. these were Bio Diversity (Dr. Yocum), Unity through Diversity (Dr. Smith-Wade-El) and A World of Culture in Our Own Backyard (Dr. Byrne). The committee recommended that the theme for 2001-2002 should be A World of Culture in Our Own Backyard. This theme refers to the fact that there are 73 ethnic groups in Lancaster County.

The Senate approved the Piperberg/Margolis motion that A World of Culture in Our Own Backyard led by J. Byrne be designated the theme for 2001-2002.

B. Stengel and P. Hill representing the 1998-99 Academic Theme Committee attended the meeting. they presented a letter written to Dr. McNairy requesting support and financial assistance for the kick-off to the '98-'99 "Millersville University: A Community of Learners" theme activities. Tentative plans include an open-air program and picnic to cap off a day-long series of events and/or departmental "open houses."

The letter includes a request that classes be cancelled to permit attendance by all faculty and students.

After some discussion, the senate decided to list the issue on the agenda for the next meeting for discussion. (See attachment)

General Education Review Committee

C. Stameshkin said the committee had been working on Outcomes Assessment and at the next meeting will present objectives and rationale for senators to take back to departments. The assumption is that the matter will not be discussed until next fall.

D. Eidam pointed out that the first meeting in the fall will be the elections meeting and suggested that Outcomes Assessments be considered at the second meeting in the fall.


D. Eidam announced that Dr. & Mrs. Lynch now have a son, Christopher Joseph.

Date of Summer Meeting: June 16

The meeting adjourned at 4:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Alden, Secretary

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