Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Meeting of the Faculty Senate
March 6, 2001

Chairperson Piperberg called the meeting to order at 4:05 PM in Chryst 210. All departments were represented .

Report of the Faculty Senate Chairperson

The Minutes of both the February 6 and February 20 meetings were approved without additions or corrections.


(1) Candidates for the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences position will be visiting campus over the next couple of weeks.  Senate meetings with the candidates have been set up.  Chairperson Piperberg said that he would welcome faculty participation at any or all of them.  If faculty plan to attend, they should let Chairperson Piperberg know.  Most of the meetings will be held in his office in 310 STB.

Schedule:     Wednesday March 7--10 AM, 310 STB: Dr. Irena Makarushka
                      Thursday, March 8--12 noon (University room): Dr. Anthony Hurley
                      Tuesday, March 13--10 AM, 310 STB: Dr. Ronald Davis
                      Tuesday March 27--10 AM, 310 STB: Dr. Paul Crapo
                      Thursday, March 29--11 AM, 310 STB: Dr. Rita Duarte Marinho

If you are unable to attend the scheduled meetings, please make an effort to attend the open forums which are scheduled at the following dates and times:

Tuesday March 6, Audubon, 4:00-5:30: Dr. Irena Makarushka

Thursday March 8, SMC 49, 4:00-5:30: Dr. Anthony Hurley

Monday March 12, Audubon, 4:00-5:30: Dr. Ronald Davis

Monday March 26, Audubon, 4:00-5:30: Dr Paul Crapo

Thursday March 29, SMC 50, 4:00-5:30: Dr. Rita Duarte Marinho

Report of the Student Senate President

Student Senate President Baker reported that Student Senate members had a successful and constructive meeting with President Caputo two weeks ago and that there would be a Dance Marathon this coming weekend.  Overall, President Baker said things were going smoothly.

Report of the Graduate Student Organization President  None.

Report of the Administrative Officers

President Caputo reported that it had been a busy season in Harrisburg politically.  A 4% increase was promised to the base budget.  This is the "best budget" proposed by the Board of Governors to date.  The budget hearings were held last week.  The goal is to raise the amount by another half percent, but this is unlikely. He further added that the Search Committee process for Chancellor McCormick's replacement is supposed to be completed by June.  He also mentioned that not much progress had been made in the negotiations for the State System coaches.

Provost McNairy reported that in addition to the present Dean of Humanities search in progress, both Associate Provost and Dean of Education searches will be under way shortly.  Provost McNairy further reported that last Thursday she had hosted a reception where newly accepted Freshman and their parents were met by faculty, alumni, and  administrators.  She encouraged Senate members to advise their departments of the importance of faculty showing up for these recruitment efforts, and that it really makes a difference to parents. The presence of faculty leaves them with more positive perceptions of Millersville as a caring educational institution.

Reports of the Faculty Senate Standing Committees

Dr. Ana Börger-Greco, Chairperson of International Studies Curriculum Committee along with Dr. Kirsten Bookmiller, Director of International Affairs, asked to waive the one meeting rule in order to vote on whether or not to endorse the "Goethe Institut Proposal" {see attachment}.

After Dr. Bookmiller explained the background and history behind this proposal, Senate passed the motion to waive the one meeting rule. Senate then voted to approve the proposal.

Dr. Kerper presented a proposal to change representation on the Academic Standards Committee, {see attachment}.  It was decided that Senate delay action until the next Senate meeting in April.

Reports of the Faculty Senate Special Committees  None.

Proposed Courses and Programs  None.

Faculty Emeritus  None.

Approval of General Education Waivers

On behalf of the Chemistry Department {see attachment, Dr. Wismer expressed concern about the new process for approval of General Education waivers.  He pointed out that a dean may now be asked to approve a waiver  involving a course in another school and that this may be a course with which the dean is likely to be unfamiliar.  He suggested that this could lead to an increased number of waivers and perhaps abuse of the system and a consequent subversion of the General Education requirements.  Dr. Stager responded that in examining some years of student waivers he could not detect any pattern of abuse.   Dr. McNairy commented that more responsibility needs to be placed at the level of student advisement by faculty and that faculty should not merely "rubber stamp" waivers.   It was also suggested that it is important for faculty teaching General Education courses to explain to their students the value and importance of these courses.

The meeting adjourned at 5:20 PM
Respectfully Submitted,

Jen Miller

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