Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Meeting of the Faculty Senate
February 4, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 4:12 pm. All academic departments were represented except the Nursing Department.

I. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the December 3, 2002 Faculty Senate Meeting were approved as distributed.

II. Report of the Faculty Senate Chairperson


  1. The Chair announced that he will send to all Committee chairs a reminder about submitting annual reports for their committees by the May meeting. Electronic versions of the reports would be best, but hard copies would be acceptable if electronic copies are not practical. The format would be included in the reminder.

  2. A new item to the agenda has been added after consideration of the name change of the Department of Developmental Studies. It will be Item XIII and will deal with endorsement of the IUP Resolution Against State System Office Activities.

  3. The June meeting will be held in STB 210, the Armstrong Auditorium, at 3 PM on Tuesday, June 10. Refreshments will be provided since there are no food restrictions in force in that room.

  4. The governance manual stipulates that elections for one third of the Department Senators should be held between April 1 and May 31 of each year. Departments should let the Chair know the results of elections for Senator and Alternate as soon as possible after the election so that the Senate Roster and the Senate mailing list for the Fall can be updated. The Chair should also be notified of any other changes in representation from the departments (Senator or alternate). The Departments that will hold elections this Spring are: Art, Biology, Counseling & Human Development, Educational Foundations, Elementary & Early Childhood Education, English, Geography, Industrial Technology, Library and Communications & Theater.

  5. The Provost has approved the following items passed by Senate:

    University Class Attendance Policy

    The administration decided not to implement the adjusted schedules suggested by Senate in the instance of inclement weather by Senate. Faculty members are encouraged to utilize their own professional judgment under these circumstances.

    New option in Physics - B. A. in Physics, Computer Science option

    Deletion of B. S. in Physics, Computer Engineering option

  6. The Chair reminded Senators that it would be best if they brought course and program proposals from their department to Senate rather than having them sent to the Chair of Faculty Senate. This happened in December, resulting in a delay of the presentation of those proposals to Senate since they arrived in his mail box after the December 3 Senate meeting.

III. Report of the Student Senate President

Student Senate President B. Danz reported that the Student Senate has elected representatives to three university committees.

IV. Report of the Graduate Student Organization -- No Report.

V. Reports of Administrative Officers

Associate Provost C. Phillips discussed work done on the MU Common Calendar. She reported that the Winter Session had been very successful and that future winter sessions would be held with flexible schedules which are up to the discretion of the instructor.

She also discussed various summer school scheduling options and asked for input from faculty.

VI. Reports of the Faculty Senate Standing Committees

UCPRC Chair R. Wismer announced a new course proposal, ELED 376, which is to be added to two degree options. GCPRC Chair R. Mowrey announced four new course proposals: BUAD 586-589, BUAD 686-689, BUAD 691, EDCI 799

VII. Report of the Faculty Senate Special Committees

University Honors Committee K. Schreiber announced that the committee continues to look into the possibility of establishing an honor code at Millersville.

VIII. Proposed Courses and Programs

Proposals 1-4 below were passed without dissent.

    MATH 472--Financial Mathematics, 3 credits. Desired effective date--Spring 2004.

    GEOG 278--Transportation Geography, a Liberal Arts core (G3) course, 3 credits. Desired effective date--Fall 2004.

    UNIV 101--Freshman Seminar, 1 credit. Conducted in tandem with ENGL 110, providing an introduction to the university experience, with emphasis on assisting students in the selection of a major course of study. Restricted to freshmen who have not declared a major.

    ENGL 292--Science Fiction, existing Liberal Arts core (G1) course requesting the addition of Writing-Across-the-Curriculum (W) label. Desired effective date--Spring 2003.

    The following 4 proposed program changes were discussed, but their approval was postponed until the May 2003 Faculty Senate Meeting on a G. Stine/R. Kerper motion.


    B. S. in Chemistry - changes in electives to comply with the 120-credit hour graduation requirement.

    B. S. in Chemistry--Biochemistry - changes in electives to comply with the 120-credit hour graduation requirement.

    B. S. in Chemistry--Environmental Chemistry - changes in electives to comply with the 120-credit hour graduation requirement.

    B. S. in Chemistry--Polymer Chemistry - changes in electives to comply with the 120-credit hour graduation requirement.

IX. Faculty Emeritus

A S. Yalda/C. Price motion passed which granted Dr. Charles K. Scharnberger the honorary title of Professor of Earth Sciences Emeritus. (Attachment #1)

X. Elections

B. Skinner was elected Chair of the Women's Studies program on passage of a B. Dorman/A. Bvrger-Greco motion.

J. Piperberg was nominated for Faculty Senate President for the 2003-2004 academic year by B. Dorman. An R. Mowrey/A. Bvrger-Greco motion for the Senate Secretary to cast the lone ballot passed, with Faculty Senate President Pro Tempore M. Rosenthal presiding.

D. Miller nominated M. Rosenthal for Faculty Senate President Pro Tempore for the 2003-2004 academic year. A J. Lynch/C. Heintzelman motion for the Faculty Senate Secretary to cast the lone ballot passed.

XI. Approval of Revision to Undergraduate Course Proposal Cover Sheets

A B. Dorman/R. Kerper motion to amend the cover sheet passed. A R. Kerper/T. Kevorkian motion to further amend the cover sheet passed. A B. Dorman/B. Stengel motion to approve the content of the cover sheet as amended passed, with some style revisions to be done later.

XII. Proposal to Change the Name of the Developmental Studies Department to the Department of Academic and Student Development

A J. Sciarretta/A. Borger-Greco motion to make the above change passed. (Attachment #2)

XIII. Faculty Senate Endorsement of the IUP University Senate Resolution Against State System Office Activities

A J. Miller/A. Bvrger-Greco motion to endorse the resolution passed without dissent. The IUP Resolution is attached (Attachment #3).

Act 188 is available online at: The IUP resolution makes specific reference to the following sections of Act 188:

The meeting was adjourned at 5:50 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Paul Studdard
Faculty Senate Secretary

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