[May 14, 2021] The web server folks made the switch from http to https, so some of my older pages don't load the style sheet properly. I'm gradually fixing them, though they're readable without the style sheet. I'm also slowly revising my notes. Note: Anything that is not online is stuff which I do not distribute.

[September 29, 2020] I've put some of my old review sheets online, beginning with those for Calculus 3 and Linear Algebra. I'll try to put up more as I get time. The review sheets contain practice problems with solutions. Note that other instructors will probably cover different topics than I did and teach those topics in different ways. I hope these help people study and practice.

[August 20, 2020] August 14, 2020 was my last official day! I wasn't sure if I'd be allowed to maintain my web pages and videos, so I had to take them all down last Friday. However, Information Technology told me earlier this week that I could continue to keep my web pages up, so I will be restoring the content bit by bit. It will take some time before most of it is online again. Many of the videos will have to be rebuilt, so it will be much longer before they're available.

[May 19, 2020] I decided to retire this term, instead of continuing my phased retirement plan, so my last official day will be August 14. I felt that the risks of teaching face-to-face next year would be significant, but that was where the joy of teaching was for me - I did not want to teach online.

I turned in grades last week, and returned all the graded work. If you have any questions about your grade, please mail me soon.

Thanks to all the students I've had in class! I hope all of you have great lives.