Philosophy and Events

Program Philosophy

The B.Des. degree has become prevalent around the globe over the last several years, and American colleges and universities are beginning to use the designation to more accurately reflect the learning content and subsequent skills of graduates. NASAD (National Association of Schools of Art and Design) approves and recognizes this degree and will evaluate the program under this new title as a "professional degree." With the proposed course structure, this program meets the "professional degree" standards of rigor and content for the B.Des. degree as articulated in the curricular guidelines of our accrediting agency.

The Interactive and Graphic Design courses focuses on new models of design thinking and skills that incorporates cutting edge research, technology, and pedagogy and expands the concept of design. The curriculum is not only current, but is also on the cutting edge of the field because of its structure and alignment with both educational and industry demands.

Careers Opportunities

By keeping the discipline current and offering a B.Des. in Interactive & Graphic Design the students will have the skills that most employers are now seeking within the design industry.

Millersville Design Programs and Events

Millersville Design program host multiple events open to the public. The events often bring together students, working professionals and educators to share knowledge and experience.

PA Learns Web Design

As part of a service learning experience Millersville students visit area high school classrooms to give demos, presentations and share information with younger students.

Millersville Interactive and Graphic Design Senior Show - Spring

Every year the Interactive and Graphic Design Seniors at Millersville University invite their families and general public to check out their portfolios. The showcase is usually hosted in downtown Lancaster at the Ware Center, and takes place the first Friday of May from 5pm to 8pm. Please stop by to see all of the hard work they put into their portfolios!
Interactive & Graphic Design Senior Show