Degree of Bachelor of Design (B.DES.) Curriculum and Course Work

The department of Art & Design at Millersville University offers a new degree, a Bachelor of Design (B.Des.), and a new major in Interactive and Graphic Design. Interactive & Graphic Design as a discipline has radically changed and has opened up more opportunities for students to learn and design with new technology. By keeping current with technological demands placed on the discipline, graduates with these skills will support an educated workforce that is prepared to contribute to Pennsylvania's economic vitality and supporting the ability for the commonwealth to compete globally.


Required Foundation Courses (12 Credits)

ART 133 Drawing I
ART 142 2D Design
ART 242 3D Design

Required Foundation Courses for Interactive & Graphic Design (18 Credits)

(Design thinking, making & theory: skills, application & synthesis)
DESN 144 Digital Theory & Skills
DESN 240 Typography I
DESN 244 Typography II
DESN 246 Intro Sequence, Motion & Visual Communications
DESN 247 Intro Web, Experience/Interaction Design
DESN 344 Visual Communication & Graphic Design 1

Art and Design History (12 Credits)

DESN 307 Visual Communication Design History
ART 203 Survey Art History II

Select two of the following courses:
ART 202 Survey of Art History I
ART 201 History & Aesthetics of Photo
ART 301 Ancient World
ART 302 Italian Renaissance
ART 303 19th Century Art
ART 304 20th Century Art (W)
ART 312 Survey Art History
ART 313 Art In America
ART 403 North Renaissance
ART 404 Contemporary Movements in Art (W)
ART 587/588 Topics in Art History

Required Interactive & Graphic Design (18 Credits)

set 1 - Graphic Design (9 credits of the following)
DESN 347 Design for Social Equity (D)
DESN 348 Packaging in Design
DESN 349 Information Design (W)
DESN 375 Illustration
DESN 444 Visual Communication & Graphic Design 2 (Digital Publication Design)

Set 2 - Interactive Design (9 credits of the following)
DESN 340 Interaction Design
DESN 341 Motion Design
DESN 342 Kinetic Design and Animation
DESN 343 Experience Design (W)
DESN 447 Advanced Web Design (W)

Interactive & Graphic Design Capstone course (3 Credits)

Portfolio Review (between 60-75 credits)
DESN 493 Portfolio: Capstone Course

Additional Interactive & Graphic Design Courses

DESN 225 Visual Storytelling and Comics
DESN 332 Material Design
ART 345 Intro Computers in Art
ART 445 Advanced Computers in Art
DESN 446 Advanced Computers in Design
ART 300 Co-Op/Internship Experience
ART 400 Co-Op/Internship Experience
ART 500 Co-Op/Internship Experience
ART 486 Topics Studio

Concentration Courses (15 Credits)

Select an additional five courses from the following Interactive & Graphic Design areas:
Set 1, set 2, or additional interactive & graphic design courses
DESN ___ ________________________
DESN ___ ________________________
DESN ___ ________________________
DESN ___ ________________________
DESN ___ ________________________

NOTE: ART 100 & 141 may not be counted in the Major.