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The department of Art & Design at Millersville University offers a degree, a Bachelor of Design (B.Des.), and a major in Interactive and Graphic Design. This degree and major aim to provide students credentials that more accurately reflect their educational experiences as they have evolved in our existing interactive and graphic design curriculum. Ultimately the unique degree will more clearly communicate to employers, what is offered within the program and what professional skills are being acquired by our graduates.

The new identity of our Interactive and Graphic Design curriculum with the B.DES. degree clearly identifies the program with 21st century design education. The courses being offered at Millersville University include experience design, kinetic design, web design, basic coding, interactive design, and traditional graphic design. The B.Des. better reflects pervasive academic research interests, professional field demands, and the recommendation standards from both the AIGA (the professional organization for design) and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD, the accrediting body for Art and Design). Furthermore, it provides a structural reinforcement of current University and PASSHE goals.

Millersville University is the only university in PASSHE (Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education) that offers a Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) Degree.

While many of our design courses are held in person, design as a profession is digital in nature and can transition to online learning without negative effects. The design faculty at Millersville have years of experience teaching online classes. As many professional designers work remotely we feel it is important for students to experience that type of communication model before entering the professional field. It is our modern curriculum and experienced faculty that allows us to seamlessly transition between in-person and online classes. We have been using modern technology such as Zoom, D2L course modules, and the google platform for years and can easily adapt to any situation to ensure students get a high-quality education.


A showcase of student design work


Design Faculty

Professor Jeri Robinson

Professor of Design

Jeri's research interests straddle two completely different worlds due to her love of contemporary technology and the hand crafts.

Professor James Pannafino

Professor of Design

James research interests include interactive design fundamentals, interdisciplinary design, interaction, visual storytelling and digital narrative forms.

Professor Nancy Mata

Associate Professor of Design

Nancy Mata's research interests include design fundamentals, typography, interaction, new media design and collaboration through design.


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