Millersville University, Faculty Senate
Meeting of the Faculty Senate
September 16, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 4:09 p.m. All departments were represented except History.

I. Minutes of the September 2, 2003 Faculty Senate Meeting

The minutes were approved as distributed.

II. Report of the Faculty Senate Chairperson

  1. Chairperson Piperberg asked the senators if they wish to continue to receive hard copies of the Agenda and Minutes together with the electronic versions. Most of the senators expressed their interest in continuing to receive hard copies of these documents.
  2. Chairperson Piperberg recommended that in order to expedite elections, the elections for the At-Large seats should take place at the October 7 meeting after it is clear which seats remain unfilled. The committees affected are committees that restrict seats to certain divisions such as Humanities and Social Sciences. The committees affected are: Academic Outcomes Assessment, Academic Policies, Academic Standards, General Education Review, UCPRC, University Theme, Commencement Speaker and Ad Hoc Honor Code.
  3. Chairperson Piperberg reminded the Senators that our next meeting will be three weeks from today on October 7, 2003.

III. Report of the Student Senate President

Kristin Albright, the Student Senate President, reported that the elections for Student Senators on University committees took place during their second meeting. She will e-mail a list of the results to Chairperson Piperberg. {See Attachment #1} The Student Senate will have a table at the Wellness Fair. Next Friday and Saturday, the Student Senate will attend their first Board of Student Government Presidents meeting in Harrisburg. Greg Heavener is the charity king representative from the Student Senate. Greg will be raising money for the St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

IV. Report of the Graduate Student Organization--No report.

V. Report of Administrative Officers

President Francine McNairy

  1. The search for the Provost has begun. Letters and announcements will be sent to colleagues and professional journals advertising the position.

  2. The new budget allocation formula will affect the way the lower- and higher-level courses will be funded. Attention should be given to high cost programs, such as Industry and Technology, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Art because they will be funded at higher rates regardless of the type of courses. Faculty should be encouraged to examine closely their courses with respect to this issue and if renumbering of certain courses is indicated, this should be done.

  3. President McNairy welcomed us to the new academic year.

Acting Provost Shane
  1. In the event of the arrival of Hurricane Isabel a plan will be put in place to inform the university community of cancellations and rescheduling of events.

  2. Acting Provost Shane introduced Dan Weinstein as the new Assistant Provost for Planning and Assessment.

Executive Assistant to the President Phillips

Winter Session: Emails were sent to students informing them about the new Winter Session. More offerings are now available. The students will be asked to complete a survey regarding their satisfaction with the new Winter Session.

VI. Standing Committees

General Education Review Committee - Senator Fenwick encouraged the faculty to attend the assessment workshops scheduled for Friday, September 19, 2003.

Academic Policy Committee - Senator Kerper reported that the Interdisciplinary Studies Committee has to meet for at least three or four more times. He will be sending e-mails to its members to request information needed for the discussions.

VII. Special Committees

General Education Task Force- Senator Foster-Clark invited the Faculty to attend small group discussions that have been scheduled to discuss the proposed general education changes. The Faculty will receive an e-mail inviting them to these discussions in the near future.

VIII. Proposed Courses and Programs

These new proposals were passed without dissent


WSSD 698 - Research Proposal, 3 credits. Desired Effective Date - Spring 2004.

WSSD 699 - Thesis, 3 credits. Desired Effective Date - Spring 2004.

WSSD 691 - Independent Study, 1-3 credits. Desired Effective Date - Spring 2004.

WSSD 686-689 - Special Topics in Sport Management, 3 credits. Desired Effective Date - Spring 2004.

IX. Faculty Emeritus

  1. A resolution supporting Dr. Rodrigo Solera for Professor of Spanish Emeritus {See Attachment #2} passed without dissent after a Gaudry-Hudson/Luek motion.

  2. A resolution supporting Dr. Olga del C. Iglesias for Professor of Spanish Emerita {See Attachment #3} passed without dissent after a Gaudry-Hudson/Luek motion.

  3. A resolution for Dr. Karen L. Black for Professor of Russian Emerita {See Attachment #4} passed without dissent after a Gaudry-Hudson/Heintzelman motion.

  4. A resolution for Dr. Hans G. Skitter for Professor of German Emeritus {See Attachment #5} passed without dissent after a Gaudry-Hudson/Stine motion.

X. Elections

A Fenwick/Blazer motion to close nominations for those seats where there was only one nominee and to direct the Secretary to cast a ballot in favor of those candidates passed without dissent.

The elections for the remaining contested seats were conducted as well. The present roster of Senate committees is attached to the minutes {See Attachment #6}

XI. Discussion of Teacher/Educator of the Year Award

Senator Yalda presented the revised Teacher/Educator of the Year Award Proposal. After a lengthy discussion, a Bookmiller/Blazer motion to establish the award passed with one dissenting vote, Senator Kerper, who explained the objections of his department to the proposal. Since a number of suggestions were made related to the details of the proposal (composition of the selection committee, criteria for the award, etc.), Senator Yalda agreed to incorporate the suggestions into the proposal. It will then be circulated to the Senate via e-mail for further comment and feedback. The revised proposal will be brought back for approval at an upcoming Senate meeting, perhaps by October 7.

XII. Other/New Business--No items were raised.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:45 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Elba I. Rohena
Senate Secretary

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